Google Shopping


Be where the world is searching.

For years, Google has quietly built up its own ecommerce ecosystem involving ads, multiple surfaces and a Shopping interface all its own. Referred to collectively as Google Shopping, Google offers a powerful platform for brands and keeps them at the forefront as buyers enjoy a personalized shopping experience.. Get your brand listed today to get discovered on the world’s biggest stage for online search.

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Zero Commissions for Buy on Google

  • Offer a frictionless shopping experience, where shoppers can check out directly on Google, at zero additional cost. Google lets you list and sell freely on its platform, and also makes it easy to integrate Shopify or Paypal for payment processing.

Unique Branding Opportunities

  • Get the recognition you deserve with every sale. Google Shopping prominently displays your store name during all stages of the checkout process, and can even prompt buyers to sign up for your newsletter so that you can grow your contact list.

Multiple Ways to Get Discovered, Locally or Nationwide

  • Be found through, Google Assistant, Google Images and/or YouTube. Enjoy priority ranking if your store is located nearest to the buyer, and let buyers transact in a number of ways—via your website, physical store or directly on Google.

Powerful Advertising Options

  • Fuel brand visibility and conversions with Google Shopping ads. Bring your products to the top of search results and send buyers straight to your website for checkout. Shopping ads generate 85% of clicks across all Google ad campaigns, and can be managed in the same place as your Google Shopping listings.