Introducing the easiest way to start selling on Walmart.

Walmart is now the second largest ecommerce retailer in the U.S., ahead of eBay and behind Amazon. While its third-party marketplace is fairly new, boasts more than 80 million products across 35+ categories. Walmart is also selective by design, minimizing the risk of counterfeits or unchecked competition. To qualify, you must be an established business with previous ecommerce experience and registered in the U.S. (among other criteria).

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List in a Click

  • Upload your listings from Amazon, Shopify or elsewhere to Walmart in a few simple clicks. Zentail will automatically format your product data according to Walmart’s requirements, while giving you the flexibility to make custom edits, create variations or offer items as kits.

Claim Your Walmart 2-Day Tag

  • Zentail integrates with Walmart’s official fulfillment partner, Deliverr, to enable free 2-day shipping across your SKUs. Get the 2-day tag added to your listings for higher organic rankings and better buy box win rates.

Ensure Price Parity

  • Walmart is notoriously strict about pricing—stay on its good side and avoid severe penalties by syncing your Amazon (or other) prices with Walmart. Run special Walmart promotions directly in Zentail, and never lose sight of any pricing strategy.